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The KitchenAid Recipe Collection features more than 400 recipes from one of the most trusted names in cooking. This all-encompassing cookbook opens a world of culinary possibilities. In addition to the hundreds of recipes, it contains an extensive glossary of cooking terms that will help budding chefs master or refine basic cooking skills, such as blanching, deglazing, and scalding. Every tool you ll need to become a master of the kitchen is included in the pages of this cookbook.

The KitchenAid Recipe Collection is comprehensively divided into 20 categories: a glossary of cooking terms; breakfast and brunch; biscuits and scones; muffins and coffee cakes; appetizers; breads; salads; soups and stews; pasta; beef entrees; fish and seafood entrees; pork entrees; poultry entrees; vegetarian entrees; side dishes; brownies and bars; cakes, cupcakes, and frostings; cookies; pies, tarts, and cobblers; and desserts. Handy tabs make it easy to find a specific chapter, and each tab lists the chapter s recipes.

Every full-page recipe has simple, numbered preparation steps and a helpful color photo. The book s hardcover, five-ring-binder format is designed for durability. The KitchenAid Recipe Collection lies flat for practical use in the kitchen, and each recipe can be removed by simply opening the binder rings.

With so many recipes, the KitchenAid Recipe Collection is a must-have for novice and experienced cooks alike. Here is just a small sampling of the book s recipes:
Orange-Cinnamon Rolls
Minestrone Salad
Mustard Crusted Rib Roast
Drunken Roast Chicken
Cocoa Brownies
Lemon Drops Editors of Favorite Brand Name Recipes

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