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Glutinous Rice Flour is also known as sweet rice flour or sweet rice powder, this flour is made from short-grain rice that becomes moist, firm and sticky when cooked, a result of its higher proportion of waxy starch molecules. Red Bean Mochi Recipe Mochi is one of our family's favourite desserts which is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice. One of the many Japanese confections such as daifuku, that is mochi stuffed with sweet fillings, like sweetened red bean paste, is very popular around the world. You can stuff any other sweet fillings you like in mochi. No wonder mochi is widely welcome by different people with different tastes. 220 gm glutinous rice flour 110 gm sugar 200 ml coconut milk (or milk) desiccated coconut (or fried glutinous rice flour) to coat mochi Red bean paste ingredients: 1/2 cup red beans 1 1/2 cup water rock sugar to taste Combine glutinous rice flour with sugar well. Gradually stir in coconut milk (or milk) until smooth. Transfer flour mixture in a greased shallow plate (see picture 1), steam over high heat with cover for 30 minutes, or until cooked through (see picture 2). Use a chop stick to test if it's cooked. If not much flour mixture sticks to the chop stick, it's done. Let cool down a bit until you don't feel too hot to handle. Transfer to a greased surface. Cut into 12 even small portions. Knead each into a small disc. Spoon red bean paste in the middle (see picture 3). Fold the edge to seal the mochi. Lightly roll it into a ball shape using both palms, then coat with desiccated coconut. The alternative way to coat mochi is to use cooked glutinous rice flour. Fry some extra glutinous rice flour on a non-stick frying-pan over medium-low heat without any oil. Let it cook for 3 minutes until aromatic. Don't let it burn by all means. After the cooked flour cools down a bit, you can use it to coat mochi.

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